A few minutes from the Royal Palace

Grand Hotel Vanvitelli is located just minutes from the Royal Palace and its gardens, and is well connected to Naples and Capodichino airport, as it is near A1 motorway Caserta Sud (Caserta South) junction and Caserta Stazione Centrale railway station.

Hotel Caserta Royal Palace

How to reach us

Both from the north and south, turn off of A1 motorway at *Caserta Sud * (South Caserta) and drive 1km towards Caserta.

  • A1 motorway junction - 5 min drive
  • Caserta railway station - 5 min drive
  • Zona ASI sud (South ASI Area) and Il Tarì - 5 min drive
  • Caserta Royal Palace and centre- 6 min drive
  • Outlet La Reggia outlet and Centro Commerciale Campania shopping centre - 5 min drive
  • Napoli Capodichino airport - 15 min drive

Caserta Royal Palace

A majestic building, with sumptuous interiors and a stunning park, designed by Luigi Vanvitelli in the mid-eighteenth century. The palace has 1,200 rooms and 34 staircases, the central park avenue is 3 km long and boasts six large fountains.


  • Flats, Parc and English Garden
  • Standard 12?
  • Concession 6?
Check opening times on the official website
Facade of the Royal Palace seen from the avenue in front of the hotel


6 min The hotel is really close to the town of Caserta

Central Caserta is very popular because of its wealth of shopping streets, like Via Mazzini and Corso Trieste, along with a number of bars and cafes that keep the city centre lively until late at night.

San Leucio

15 min San Leucio monumental complex, near Caserta

Just outside the city, you can visit San Leucio monumental complex, the weavers' community wanted by King Ferdinand at the end of the eighteenth century. It includes the royal apartments, the Museo della seta (Silk Museum) and the Belvedere

Caserta Vecchia (Old Caserta)

25 min Caserta Vecchia cathedral

Caserta's ancient medieval centre is located about 400m asl. Casertavecchia is a village with picturesque alleyways, small shops, and vantage points. The Duomo (cathedral) dating back to 1100 and the ruins of the castle are of great historical interest.


30 min Castel dell'Ovo seen from the seafront in Naples

Naples is less than a half-hour drive and a one-hour train ride away from Caserta. The historical centre, the promenade, the archeological sites, the scenery, the traditions, and good food: calling at Naples is a must if you want to explore its countless treasures.

The Amalfi Coast

90 min View of the Amalfi Coast

Endless wonder, along winding roads cutting through the cliffs overlooking the sea. The coast is world famous for its picturesque views and stunning tiny villages like Positano, Amalfi, Maiori, Ravello .

The islands of the Gulf of Naples

120 min One of the pearls of the Gulf of Naples: the island of Capri

The Gulf Islands are very different from one another, yet all of them boast an incomparable scenery, ranging from the natural beauty of Ischia to Capri 's sophistication and quieter < em> Procida .